Buddhist Centre for Meditation and the Arts

Aro Ling Bristol is a city centre home of the Aro gTér – a Vajrayana Buddhist lineage whose unusual characteristics make it singularly appropriate for many Westerners. Our lives are often chaotic – sometimes our experience is exhilarating, sometimes it is difficult and challenging, and sometimes it is simply crimped by niggling dissatisfaction.

The teachings of the Aro gTér are principally concerned with transforming this experience of everyday being, rather than achieving an esoteric or spiritualised mode of existence. Our aim is to engender cheerful kindness and courageous openness; through the liberated qualities of generosity, clarity, creativity, determination, and spaciousness.

The teachings of the Aro gTér descend from a lineage of enlightened women, beginning with Yeshé Tsogyel. She was the female Tantric Buddha, who, together with Padmasambhava, founded the Nyingma tradition of Buddhism. The Aro gTér is a small family lineage within that tradition founded by the female visionary Lama Aro Lingma in 1909.

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215A Gloucester Road
Bristol, BS7 8NN

United Kingdom